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Recently, I did the DVD Commentary Meme over at my journal, and zeitheist , my esteemend co-author, demanded a commentary on The One With The Scratches (but Absolutely, Definitely, Positively No Talking). Well she wanted me to pick a paragraph, but that was too tricky, so here, have a commentary on the whole fic...

DVD Commentary for The One With The Scratches (but Absolutely, Definitely, Positively No Talking)Collapse )
27 February 2009 @ 09:30 pm

As always, for zeitheist  - co-pilot, friend, Andy to my Ash. For all of you watching our little community: Thank you for sticking around!

Drabble-series: Supernatural – anywhere_road  – Andy/Ash – PG

Intel, Chase, ReprieveCollapse )
05 April 2008 @ 12:53 pm

Title: The One Where it's Christmas
'Verse: anywhere_road
Author: Sophie / razorxrosary
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Andy/Ash
Rating: This part: NC-17. Verse: NC-17.
Word count: ~4686
Warnings and Disclaimer: Please see the anywhere_road  community user info.
Summary: "If he has to spend Christmas Day in the local A&E, he tells himself, he will personally flush that little baggie of emergency weed that Ash thinks he doesn’t know about down the toilet." Andy and Ash's first Christmas on the road.

Author notes: I'm only, what, four months too late with this? Originally written based on a prompt kat_lair  gave me back in November. Chronologically, this occurs after 'The One with the Broken Van and a Blow Job', which is referenced here. Betaed, as always, by the exquisite virtualinsomnia.


Title: The One With The Scratches (but Absolutely, Definitely, Positively No Talking)
'Verse: anywhere_road
Author: Mistress Kat / kat_lair
This part: PG-13. Verse: NC-17.
Word count
: ~1400
Warnings and Disclaimer:
Please see the anywhere_road community user info.
Ash really had thought it would be a straightforward “fuck-buddies on the road killing evil” kind of thing, but Andy keeps getting this weird look in his eyes whenever Ash makes a lewd joke or suggestion – not to mention the fact that they are sort of real friends now, which he’d failed to factor into the equation – so Ash has stopped talking about it and Andy… Well, Andy never has, not even once.

Author notes: Originally written as a get-well-soon present to razorxrosary , my partner in crime and all things awesome. We're still in love with Andy and Ash so it looks like the 'Verse is here to stay. Better hang on to your crack pipes, folks. Beta by the amazing virtualinsomnia.


DVD Commentary: There is now a 'DVD commentary' available for this fic. Find it here.




Title: The One With The Thing That is Possibly a Horta (but Possibly Also a Rancor)
'Verse:  anywhere_road  .
Author: Sophie /  razorxrosary  
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Andy/Ash
Rating: This part: PG-13. Verse: NC-17.
Word count: ~1094
Warnings and Disclaimer: Please see the  anywhere_road  community user info.
Summary: Andy is going to die in his van with a redneck stoner who is actually some kind of computer genius, both of them gored to death by something that vaguely resembles a pig left to melt in the sun.

Author notes: Huge thanks to  virtualinsomnia  for the amazing beta, and  kat_lair  for regular pokings of a motivational variety. For your reference: the Rancor is from Star Wars, and the Horta is from Star Trek. Chronologically, this occurs after 'The One with the Plan (And Body Shots)'.
21 October 2007 @ 07:20 pm

These were written for moth2fic’s birthday and not advertised beyond my own LJ. Those of you watching our little community: consider these a thank you for sticking around.

Supernatural anywhere_road ‘Verse – Andy/Ash – PG-13

Supernatural anywhere_road ‘Verse – Andy/Ash – PG

26 September 2007 @ 06:10 pm

Title: The One With The Broken Van (and A Blow Job)
'Verse: anywhere_road .
Author: Sophie / razorxrosary    
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Andy/Ash
Rating: This part: NC-17. Verse: NC-17.
Word count: ~2181
Warnings and Disclaimer: Please see the anywhere_road    community user info.
Summary: The van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Porn ensues.

Author notes: Huge thanks to virtualinsomnia    for the beta. This would never have been written if not for kat_lair   . She is the wind beneath my wings, etc. The fic itself occurs slightly down the road from The One With The Plan (and Body Shots), and may refer in passing to events which have yet to actually happen. I'm not trying to be deliberately difficult, I promise.

15 August 2007 @ 08:59 pm

Welcome to


The One With The Plan (and Body Shots)
Verse: anywhere_road 
Mistress Kat / kat_lair 
This part: R. Verse: NC-17.
Word count
: ~1650
Warnings and Disclaimer:
Please see the anywhere_road  community user info.
This is the beginning. Well, one of them.

Author notes: We’re finally getting this show on the road (haha, get it?) after months of gleeful planning. Thank you to virtualinsomnia  for excellent beta. Dedicated to my darling partner in crime razorxrosary  – you and me babes, we’re gonna take over the world.

10 June 2007 @ 11:23 pm

Anywhere Road Story Indexes

Fics in this Verse are not posted in chronological order. Anywhere Road is a collection of interconnected stories, documenting the adventures of Andy and Ash from various POVs, events, time periods, etc.

However, to accommodate our readership and prevent undue confusion, are the two Story Indexes below. The first lists the fics in the order they were posted. The second one lists them in chronological order, showing where individual stories fit in the overall timeline of the Verse.


Anywhere Road Story Index by Posting OrderCollapse )



Anywhere Road Story Index by Chronological OrderCollapse )


10 June 2007 @ 11:15 pm

Anywhere Road Verse FAQs


Q: What’s it all about?
See the Community Profile for a brief synopsis of the Verse.

Q: How did it all happen?
A: A few months ago, after seeing the episode 2x05 “Simon Says”, razorxrosary had what can only be seen as a divine stroke of inspiration, and stayed up until half two in the morning writing a “slightly-drunken Andy/Ash humping on a pool table” fic. And that could have been it, if not for the fact that she then openly admitted to both the fic and the “elaborate sorta-au” constructed to make this scenario possible. Upon seeing evidence of such madness genius kat_lair felt compelled to a) mash the keyboard with glee and b) blurt out a cracked-up idea about how the boys should take up hunting as well as humping on a pool table (though that is important). It soon became obvious that all attempts to resist engaging with the AU-Verse we’d half-accidentally created were doomed to failure, and so Anywhere Road was born.

Q: Who’s writing it?
A: That would be us: razorxrosary and kat_lair. The actual fics tend to be written individually, and all instalments are clearly marked with the author’s name. As a general rule, razorxrosary writes Andy’s POV, while kat_lair writes Ash’s POV. However, we regularly exchange ideas, urge each other on, and plan the general direction of the Verse and the main plot points together. Therefore the lines sometimes blur, and co-authored pieces are likely to occur in the future.

Q: Where will you post the fics?
A: All Anywhere Road fics will be posted in this community, which was created solely for that purpose. We will advertise new fics on some of the Supernatural fic communities, but you are also welcome to friend us to keep up with the Verse.

Q: How often will you update?
A: We simply don’t know. At the moment we have quite a few fics ready or in WIP status, so there will be semi-regular updates for a good while. The main thing about Anywhere Road Verse for us is to have fun, which is why we won’t commit ourselves to strict deadlines.

Q: I’m confused, where does the story begin?
A: We are not writing or posting fics in chronological order. This is mainly because of the above mentioned point about having fun. We want to play, to dip our authorial toes into any particular event, time period, or POV that we feel like. Anywhere Road Verse keeps expanding in all directions; it’s like that curious looking piece of shrubbery in the corner of your garden that grows left, right, up, down, and all over everything else, but that you don’t have the heart to cut because the flowers are sort of pretty, if a bit lopsided.

Q: That’s ridiculous, I can’t handle such non-linearity. I need order and regimen, isn’t there anything you can do?
A: The Anywhere Road Story Indexes list the fics both by posting order and by chronological order, so you can see where a particular instalment fits in the overall timeline.

Q: Okay, but why Andy and Ash? They’re only minor characters, created mainly for comic relief.
A: Why not Andy and Ash? The fact that they are minor characters gives us a wonderfully blank slate to fill and lots of room to play around. We both feel that in the show Andy and Ash had a lot of potential that, sadly, was never fulfilled.

Q: That’s right, weren’t both Andy and Ash killed in the Season 2 finale?
A: Lalalalalaaa, we can’t hear you… The events of "All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2" will be incorporated into the Verse, with some creative adjustments.

Q: Supernatural is all about the Winchester brothers, why aren’t you writing about them?
A: We are. Dean and Sam, along with other familiar faces, have regular cameos in the Verse. In addition to Anywhere Road, we both write other Supernatural fanfic, most of it about the Winchesters. To be honest, compared to that, writing about Andy and Ash is like a holiday. Those interested in authors’ other works should consult their personal journals.

Q: Can anyone play in the Anywhere Road Verse?
A: We can’t stop you, but we’d prefer it if you didn’t. At the moment we are quite enamoured with and feeling possessive of the Verse, no matter how illogical or hypocritical that approach might be in the context of fanfic.

Q: I want to ask/send you questions/feedback/criticism/suggestions/pictures of pretty men. What should I do?
A: We welcome all of the above. Please either comment here, on the relevant post, or e-mail us at anywhere_road at hotmail dot com. All comments/e-mails will be answered as soon as possible.